Selasa, 26 Oktober 2010


langsung tothepoint dan gue mau cerita sejujur jujurnya....... dar lubuk hati terdalam eyakeyak -_-

2 girls and 1 boy was talking in the canteen and they were talking about.....

a: why do not you try to love a girl?
b: true once you two are very suitable
c: yes, I am waiting for the right time to reveal it

I was happy when I expect it to be true but it turns out after 5 hours ago he was talking he said I did not do the things I was talking about because I still want denagn dating my boyfriend I still want to be with maybe next time if I mate with him

there I want to cry I do not know what to say because the emotion I feel love is not fair why do I have to decline in life? it's all because of love ...............

I tried to leave him but my love is big enough it makes me hard to forget and I will try to find alternative mudahmudahan it is best for me and my life

I think about her every day if he would love me? if he love me? I was not perfect and only human like sorry I could not ....... I realize that all

and he will be happy with his girlfriend and if my soul mate I'll go back to the his life :-)

I miss her hope all can happen again like before

my mate if he should bring me with him but if I do not put away my soul mate with him I want to leave him I can not stand the feeling of "confusion" every day

I was so desperate maybe someday he'll understand the feeling that I feel during this

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